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     Welcome to Tri-circle Designs. My name is Eddy Rios. I am from San Antonio, Texas. My passion is to create art and eat tacos. My artwork is dedicated to those who have supported me in the past and most importantly my son. I want to show my son and others that you should never stop doing something that you love and have a great passion for.
    Some of my works and style of art are heavy influenced by things that I grew up with. such as TV shows, movies or just life in general.
    Be sure to check out my gallery page which is connected to my Instagram. My online store is always being updated as well. I also participate in local art events around town. Be sure to subscribe to my site for upcoming shows and updates.

Send me an email if you have questions. 
THANK YOU for your time.
-Eddy Rios

(Photo credit:Jaime Monzon.)